The Internet is the most cost-effective advertising and marketing media in history.  Approximately 90-95% of all Internet users start with a search engine to find what they are looking for.  It is imperative to be placed in the top 10-30 listings to be seen by new and existing customers. 

     If you are not in the top 3 pages or 30 matches of search engines or directories, you  are not being seen and if you aren't being seen, you are losing business.

     The most important investment you can make is in obtaining high placement.

     If you already have a website, we analyze your site in detail to see where you place and what structure is keeping you from your goals.

     If you don't have a site already we can build one that not only looks good, but performs.  It doesn't matter how it looks if you are not found.

     We structure key words and phrases in the appropriate place in both the page and hidden text or code, to help the search engines find you and place the site high according to what a potential customer would type in to look for.  

     It is also important to continue maintaining your site by submitting it to the search engines regularly and re-structuring the key words and code to take advantage of the most recent, ever changing algorithms that makes the search engines work the way they do.

     You give us 1-3 key words that someone would try to find you by, we then optimize your site for these words.  Just putting the words on the page doesn't always work.  There are key-words in hidden text that have to be written correctly and placed in the right place or they won't work.  This in combination of page structure, size, number of links to your own page (we also build links to our other web sites to make more links to yours...this is important for "web presence") and source code is what we do to make your site work.

Our job is to help your site be found!

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